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Why we had to rebuild

Rare one-of-a-kind Binford 6300 transmission tool

Homemade Spring Compressor

The Culprit

Closeup of worn gears

Worn Gears on Flywheel

Worn Flywheel

Worn Pins

Worn Brake Drum Shaft and Pins

Cleaned Up Drums

New Style Clutch Drum

Enlongenated Holes for 25 trans

Reverse Drum Teeth

Seating New Triple Gear Bushings

Magnets being sent out for charging

New clutch spring vs old

Seating Pins Broke Flywheel

New vs Old Ring Gear

Mounting Magnets

Magnet Mounting

Staking Screws

Transmission on Snyders Stand

Checking Magnet Height

Upclose Magnet Height

Gap Gauge by KRW

Adjusting Clutch Fingers

Clutch Finger Measurement

End Result - Wrong Magnets