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Model T Starter Seal Installation

Instructions by Ron Patterson

Picture and Web Page by Bill Mullins

What you are dealing with is one of the several built in by design oil leaks in the Model T. Here is how to fix it.

First go buy a Chicago Rawhide brand #6595 seal. Don't waste your time looking for another manufacturers equivalent part, I tried that and believe CR is the only manufacturer of this seal.

Remove the starter and place it on the bench. Remove the six screws retaining the snout and pull the snout off leaving the armature in the case. Leaving the armature in the case is important, otherwise you will have to deal with getting it back into the brushes which is something you shouldn't have to do.

Press the bronze bushing out of the snout.

Chuck it up in a lathe and using a cutoff tool cut off the thrust surface so it is a washer retaining its original thickness.

Reinstall the bushing into the snout bore rotating it so the hole in the snout and bushing do not line up. Press the bushing into the snout bore from the starter side and push it 200 thousandths below the top of the bore.

Tap the seal into this bore recess with the lip toward the engine.

Place the thrust washer you cut off back on the armature shaft and reinstall the snout.

Replace the screws and reinstall the starter.