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Greetings to Model T enthusiasts worldwide.


Welcome to the Model T Ford Digital Library (MTDL).  This library consists of many original Ford Model T manuals, publications, part lists, literature, and related material.  There are over 650 pieces of printed documentation that has been donated by the following people.  These folks are more concerned that a broad level of people see this information than having unique one-of-a-kind documentation filed away unusable to most.  A big thank you is due these donors.


Steve Hubert

Generously donated most of the items to be digitized.

Fred Houston

Ford Owner and Dealers magazines and many manuals

Tony Cimorelli

Various pieces of literature and did the scanning, editing, and publication.

Ron “Coilman” Patterson

Lighting and electrical manuals.

Norman Warren

Martin Parry commercial bodies.

Bruce McCalley

Several manuals and his transmission article.

Keith Townsend

Stromberg OF carburetor article.

John Regan

Archifacts and Cad-Cam technical drawings.

Kenneth Bove

Spark Plug Reference Charts.

Ed Henline

Photos of Canadian Cars.



I apologize if I missed any names.


Permission for republication was received from the Ford Motor Company and The Henry Ford Museum.  Permission to distribute the Adobe Acrobat Reader was obtained from


Most are full color scans yet many are black and white, depending on the information availability and time available for scanning.  For example, the Service Bulletins are black and white as there were over 900 individual documents (although only counted as one of the 650 manuals available).  Each manual averages between 30-60 pages.  The Model T Service Manual is a whopping 315 pages and fully indexed with a linked table of contents. 


The PDF files have been optimized for Web delivery. Should you desire a full, higher resolution version, contact the webmaster of the Model T Ford Club International as I made a DVD set for each year, groupings, and the full 3-disc set. I donated this to the club to raise profits for the youth scholarship fund. These documents are meant to have immediate reference to information especially on smart phones while in the fields at Hershey (Helps identifying parts).  


Some have been indexed and are searchable, using the binocular search link in Acrobat.


Using Adobe Acrobat Reader allows full access to these manuals.  This is a software reader application available free at  Click on the following button


 Graphic button linking to to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader (Click on Button)

To date, this is the largest and only Ford Model T Digital Library.


The Model T Ford Digital Library was created by Tony Cimorelli as a research project and a portion of the library was donated to several Model T clubs. Tony receives no remuneration or kickbacks, nor does he sell these publications. They are available free in an effort to allow enjoyment by all. Semper Fi!



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